This is Tengu-Dou

◇ Image in your head

               ZEN massage.

                       Mindfulness massage.

◆ Original balance therapy mainly on

       Shiatsu and just a little stretches.

◇    I'm pursuing that therapy

       For tens of thousands of people

        In tens of thousands of hours

◆ The therapist is only me

                in the World.

    For one person's use or one by one.

◇ Please come with peace of mind.

In the first, I recommend 60 minutes

or more of the course.

The first palpation the whole your body,

I check your habit and state of your body

And I prepares the balance of your body.

Tengu-Dou is best relaxation.

Palpation + your mind into your body

immediate treats your body soon.

This is the treatment policy of Tengu-Dou.


Fee (before 0 o'clock)

10 min each ¥ 1000

30min ¥ 3000

60min ¥ 6000

90min ¥ 9000

Night Fee (after 0 o'clock)

15 min each ¥ 2000

Business Hour


1:00 pm〜3:00 am

Regular holiday

Sundays and public holidays

Reservations first

Gion Tengu-Dou

281-1-1 Gion-First Bld.1F, Gionmachi Kitagawa, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0073, Japan

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