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business hours:10:00~20:00
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Regular holiday:Sunday

Professional Massage

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How to get a
Tengu-Dou massage

⒈ Gion Tengu-Dou is a style with
one bed and one therapist.
We will respond to each person in turn.
Two people can not do it at the same time.


⒉ Please make a reservation first.
It is advantageous to make an online reservation up to the day before. For same-day reservations, please come directly to here and make a reservation, or make a reservation by phone. At that time, please tell us your desired treatment time. We will inform you of the latest free time.


⒊ Please come at the time of your reservation.
First of all, please tell us that you are aware of your physical condition. It's okay to be abstract.


⒋ We have a change of clothes available.
In the treatment, stretching and joint movements are performed. It is okay to wear plain clothes with stretchability.


⒌ Start from lying face down
on the bed.
It does not touch the skin directly because a large towel is hung. It is a traditional manipulative massage.


⒍ After the treatment,
Please return to your home or inn
and relax for a while.
Or, nearby cafes such as Tully's Coffee and Starbucks. There are also sweets shops such as Kagizen and Gion Koishi, soPlease relax there for a while.


In the first,

I recommend 90 minutes

or more of the course.

The first palpation the whole your body,

I check your habit and state of your body

And I prepares the balance of your body.

Tengu-Dou's therapy  is Long Slow Deep style.

Palpation + your mind into your body

immediate treats your body soon.

Tengu Massage


Gion Tengu-dou's body massage

With stretching,
Slowly reaches deep into the body

This is a full body massage.

Chronic stiff shoulders, lower back pain,

Excessive stress, general fatigue,
Not to mention hunched back, insomnia, shallow breathing, etc.

People who want to make their body more flexible
For those who want to improve their athletic performance
it's recommended.


At any age,

I want to stay healthy both in mind and body.

From that feeling

Get the chiropractic treatment you really want

It offers.



It is the center of the skeleton,

is the center of the nervous system
By slowly relaxing your spine and skull,

Nerves function normally, relieve tension,
Reduces stress and fatigue.


shoulder joint and hip joint

To the point where you can't usually move
By making firm and large movements,

Improved flexibility,

Reduces strain on joints and muscles,
Reduces risk of injury.


Movements that you don't usually do
Stimulates the cranial nervous system,
Cognitive function and motor coordination


With the proper techniques of experts
Stimulation tailored to individual abilities

Since I will adjust
Please entrust it to me with confidence.


Feel like your body is waking up

Please experience it.

massage style

Menu list


60min   ¥ 10000+Tax

90min   ¥ 15000+Tax

120min     ¥ 20000+Tax


60 minutes course

Recommended for small women and the elderly. This is the shortest course, so tourists and those who want to try it are also welcome.

90 minutes course

This is the basic course of Gion Tengu-do. Balance the whole body.


120 minutes course

Reward to myself, It balances the whole body, corrects the skull, repeatedly presses and relaxes the head to approach the cerebrospinal fluid


Online Appointment

(Line app)


Visit Massage 

1 person 90min 


​*Only Kyoto City

*10:00~ 20:00

*Only telephone appointment

Until 18:00 on the day

Business Hour


10:00 am~8:00 pm




Regular holiday



public holidays

Reservations Only

Gion Tengu-Dou

281-1-1 Gion-First Bld.1F, Gionmachi Kitagawa, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0073, Japan


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